eAssessment in VET
The DigCompEdu Framework area 4 (Assessment) in the context of VET


DigCompEdu as Research Framework

DigCompEdu is a general framework for identifying the digital skill of teachers and trainers in education in general while it is generic a more specific approach is needed for certain educational sectors, like TVET and for specific areas of the framework such as assessment.

In the context of DigCompEdu, this research report seeks to characterise and understand the digital capabilities of VET teachers and trainers within the partner countries focusing in the areas of digital assessment. The report combines a literature review, desk research and a survey (questionnaires and Interviews) in order to identify the competences and skills needed by a VET teacher or trainer for developing and using e-assessment in vocational education and training both in the classroom and in the workplace.

The report extends the DigCompEdu framework and focuses on the e-assessment area for which practitioners feel less confident and competent (according to a study from the TACCLE VET project) as confirmed in discussions with VET providers within the partnership.

As VET covers a broad range of sectors and professions, the report will mostly focus on two sectors which according to CEDEFOP have the largest potential for creating future employment in the partner countries: manufacturing/technology and -construction. With over 32.2 million people working in the manufacturing sector in the European Union, it is the largest of any industry sector in 2022. (from: EU employment figures by sector 2022 | Statista)

The impact of this research report is significant as it can be used as reference for the design of professional development programs for VET educators and will contextualise and extend the assessment area of DigCompEdu for the VET sector. A similar approach can be used for other areas of the framework and other educational levels such higher, adult and school

In order to facilitate this and to allow for comparative analysis, the survey has been designed to be used beyond VET. Respondents’ profiles thus include country, context of educational practice, years of teaching experience, teaching qualification and relevant ICT training.

Our research framework is based on DigCompEdu, the generic framework for digital competences of
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